Welcome to Dr. Simon Williams' Website

I am a registered clinical psychologist whose principal patient/client group includes children and adolescents. I manage a private practice in Queenston, Ontario. Queenston is a village in Niagara on the Lake that is situated a stone’s throw from Niagara Falls.

I have been assessing and treating children, in various roles, since 1994, when I began attending graduate school at the University of Toronto. In 2002, I obtained my doctorate degree in school and child-clinical psychology. I became a fully independent practitioner in 2005, the point at which I obtained my certificate of registration as a psychologist in the province of Ontario.


My private practice work involves conducting psychological and psycho-educational assessments of children and adolescents, aged 6-21 years. In special circumstances, I work with children aged 4-5 years. I also conduct more extensive trauma-based assessments, as well as psycho-vocational and gifted assessments.


My private practice work also involves administering cognitive-behavioural and behavioural therapy to children and adolescents (e.g., treating child/adolescent fears and phobias),  implementing family-based treatment programs, and mediating parent-child disputes.


As a scientist-practitioner, my approach to assessment and treatment of children and adolescents is evidence-based (i.e., soundly scientific).  


Parent, self, and professional referrals are welcomed!


FYI: To become a registered clinical psychologist with a doctorate degree requires more training/education in human behaviour, mental health, psychological assessment, and psychotherapy than any other health professional.